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What is Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA), is a method of taking typical blood work, and looking at what it can tell us about your health. It's a way of using the different biomarkers in your blood to get a clear picture of how your body's systems are functioning. Think of it as a comprehensive health check-up that looks not just at how your body is working right now, but also helps us see if you're moving towards better health or if there are areas we need to work on to get you feeling your best.

Test, don't guess!

Have you ever been told your blood work is ‘normal’,  but you still don't feel well?

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis allows us to help you find out what is going on in your body, and get you back to functioning your absolute best!

Step 1:

Choose your package, fill out the online health history forms and consents. 

Step 2:

Receive instructions on how to get your blood drawn at one of the designated blood draw sites. 

Step 3:

Once your results are in the doctor will call to schedule a 1:1 consultation to review your results.

Step 4: 

Receive personalized lifestyle and nutritional recommendations tailored to your needs, based off of blood test results.

How it works:

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