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Take a Functional Approach to Your Health

The functional approach to blood testing dives into changes in your body's function rather than looking for disease. By looking at optimal physiological ranges when assessing your blood work, we are able to spot issues that would typically appear “normal” when using standard lab ranges. This allows us to find shifts in your body’s physiology and identify factors that might be preventing you from reaching your best physiological, biochemical, and metabolic health.

**Package price does not include: the blood draw fee which is paid directly to the phlebotomy facility and any recommended supplements**

Blood testing includes

54 - 85 biomarkers *depending on package selected.

Analysis of results & a comprehensive wellness report

Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations tailored to your needs, based off of blood test results.

1:1 Consultation to discuss results and recommendations.

What is included:


How is Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Different than Traditional Blood Workups?

The western medicine paradigm centers around finding and treating sickness and disease. Therefore, a traditional blood workup looks for disease states in the body (i.e. the disease is active and your are already sick.)


The blood tests themselves are the same because they're powerful diagnostic tools. The difference between Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and traditional blood workups lie in the reference ranges used.


Traditional lab references ranges (the ranges used in traditional work ups) are based on population averages. These "normal" ranges are often too broad to detect early signs of health issues or to identify when you're moving away from optimal health. Hence why you don't get treatment until you are already sick.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis uses a narrower range, an "optimal" range, that is based off of physiology. This helps us to identify trends that happen when disease is just starting, allowing us to get you back to optimal health and function faster!

I just had blood work done and everything came back normal, but I still don't feel well! How do I find answers?

This scenario is extremely common. In fact I would say that is one of the most common reasons patients seek out Functional Blood testing.


If you're feeling "unwell" but your blood test comes back "normal," it doesn't necessarily mean everything is fine.


We have found that being "normal" is different from being functionally optimal. You might not have a diagnosed disease YET, but it's still possible to be dysfunctional.  Meaning your body's systems aren't operating at 100% for some reason, and you're starting to feel the effects.

Some signs that your body may not be functioning optimally include things such as:


Joint Stiffness

Joint Pain

Muscle Pain/Fatigue

Weight Gain/Loss 


Bone Loss/Fractures

Multiple Disc Herniations


Numb/Tingling/Itching Hands or Feet

High Blood Pressure

Bloating After Eating


I already had blood work done recently, can I use that instead of paying for new labs?

Labs that have been drawn within the last 6 months can be used as long as no significant health changes have occurred since then. 

Please contact us for pricing.

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